Black belt Register

We live in an instant society. One where we can go to a fast food drive through and get a meal within a matter of minutes or if we want to speak to someone now, we just call them on their cell phone. Karate is one of the few things that can never be instant. One can never be an instant black belt. A black belt takes ultimate commitment, thousands of hours of practice and dedicated discipline. Below is the  JKS North Shore Black Belt Register.

Japan Registration Name Surname Current GradeDate achieved Activity
30788 Sean Joseph Yon DanOct 17 Active
42817 Jonathan Dutton Yon Dan Oct 17 Active
TBA Jan Barnard San Dan July 95 Active
39262 Emio Keene NidanOct 17 Active
40257 Emily Brendel Shodan Sept 2016 Active
49073James Lawrence Shodan Sept 2018 Active
40266 Olivia Brendel Shodan Sept 2019Active

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