Junro Kata

The Junro Katas consist of 5 katas that the late Asai sensei developed. Sensei Asai wanted to ensure that the students developed lesser used striking techniques, stances and spinning techniques resulting in the 5 junro katas. 


Junro shodan as the name suggests is the first kata in the Junro series. It trains push and pull which is the variation of distance via hip and leg control. The core of the kata is the control of the support leg. The student learns how to quickly change distance (ma’ai) by moving from zenkutsu dachi to neko ashi dachi and back to zenkutsu dachi. The kata concentrates on the Gyaku Zuki punch.


Junro nidan develops the assisted block. The students learn how to effectively carry out the double handed block and strike. To ensure that the strikes and blocks are effective the student must maintain a level hip alignment.


Junro sandan was introduced by Asai sensei to develop some of the less used striking techniques. It concentrates on spinning and reverse spinning strikes as well as some other less used techniques and strikes.

Junro Godan

Junro godan teaches and develops the following leg movements.Bridge step, Cross bridge step, Slide s..

Junro Yondan

Junro yondan has many spinning techniques which ensures the development and refining of the hip rota..

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