About Us > Black belts > Andrew Downey

About Us > Black belts > Andrew Downey

Andrew initially obtained his shodan in Goju Ryu karate do with the I.K.G.A in 1984 - 35 years ago. His passion for karate  was re-ignited for karate when his son and daughter showed a interest. He joined JKS in 2018 and has successfully retested his shodan test in Ireland in 2019 under the watchful eye of Shihan Kagawa 

In the last year 2019 Andrew competed and achieved silver in kumite at  NZ championship.

He also represented New Zealand at the 5th JKS World Cup in Ireland in 2019 and achieved a  bronze medal in Kumite. 

Late in 2019 he compete in the JKA national Competition and won the Kumite and came 3rd in the kata divisions

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