Tekki Kata

The kata are performed entirely in Kiba dachi ("Horse riding stance"). The name Tekki itself (and Nifanchin) translates to "Iron Horse."  

The Tekki series of kata are great conditioning for the legs and with practice, develop explosive power in the legs. 

In the earlier days of karate training, it was common practice for a student to spend 2-3 years doing nothing but Tekki, under the strict observation of their teacher. Motobu Choki, famous for his youthful brawling at tsuji (red-light district), credited the kata with containing all that one needs to know to become a proficient fighter.

Tekki Shodan

Tekki Shodan, literally meaning "Iron Horse Riding, First Level", is the first of a series of three ..

Tekki Nidan

The most obvious observation, when watching these katas, is the fact they move in a straight line. T..

Tekki Sandan

Tekki Sandan, the most advanced in the Tekki Series, is the most complex and difficult to master. Ho..

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